Easily archive email records for long-term retention and compliance.


Regardless of whether you use an on-premise or cloud-based email platform, Arcserve UDP Archiving makes email retention, search, and retrieval easy.

Archive email records, reduce storage costs, and deliver against legal, regulatory, and corporate governance requirements. And, do it all with the simplicity required by today’s small, overstretched IT team.


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Archive email to reduce your exposure risk

Flexible, powerful UDP Archiving makes email archiving simple—even for the decentralized organizations and MSPs that manage multi-tenant architectures.

Choose to archive email with Arcserve as your standalone solution—or deploy it within Arcserve UDP for a comprehensive data protection solution.

Whether you archive email on-premise or in a private or public cloud, Arcserve will deliver both savings and peace of mind.

  1. Get our FREE 30-day trial and see how easy it is to:

    • Automatically capture and retain emails as encrypted, unalterable corporate records
    • Quickly and accurately index, search, retrieve, and export emails and attachments for legal discovery and compliance audits
    • Automatically remove email records when retention periods have expired
    • Effortlessly manage emails against exclusion, hold, and disposition policies
    • Reduce mail server storage
    • Increase email platform performance

  2. UDP Archiving supports both on-premise and cloud-based email platforms, including:

    • Microsoft Exchange
    • IBM Domino
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Google Gmail
    • And many more

  3. Leverage the public or private cloud environment of your choice.

    Choose Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or another cloud environment. Arcserve gets you there with these powerful virtual appliances:

    • VMware OVF
    • Microsoft HyperV
    • Amazon Web Services AMI

We spent days trying to restore and locate emails for an investigation; days that amounted to wasted cost and resources. Arcserve UDP Archiving is not only extremely easy to use – truly plug-and-play – but it’s a solution I wish I would’ve had years ago.

Michael Gruber, Senior Systems Administrator, UNICEF Canada

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This is award-winning data protection

2016 Protection Product of the Year

2016 Service to Industry

Readers Choice Award Networked Storage

MK: Smart Project Arcserve Best of Show

MK: Smart Project Arcserve Best Virtualisation for Disaster Recovery Project

Gold Award - Disaster Recovery & Backup for Virtualized Environments

Archive email records and ensure compliance.

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