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Bigger. Faster. Stronger. Enterprise-Grade

Reduce complexity with our unified, all-in-one backup and recovery appliance:

  • Eliminate the need for multiple point solutions and complicated IT infrastructure
  • Cut data protection solution and IT staffing costs
  • Simplify product licensing
  • Reduce data loss risk
  • Increase operational agility and efficiency
  • Simplify disaster recovery

Our updated cost-effective UDP Appliance helps you do all that.

What’s more, it offers “set it and forget it” ease—and is so simple to use, you can unbox and deploy in 15 minutes.

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The Arcserve UDP 8000 Series

You need a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use backup and recovery appliance—and we’ve done it right.

Our appliance gives you that single, simple data protection solution with:

  • 2nd Generation Appliance designed with enterprise-grade capabilities
  • Future-proofed with field expansion service
  • Modular portfolio: 16 different storage capacities to address ‘data growth’ challenges
  • Available in source backup capacities** ranging from a few TB up to 240TB
  • Enterprise-grade componentry for improved resiliency and optimal performance
  • Interoperable with existing UDP software deployments
  • Arcserve Cloud* option provides a complete, offsite backup & DR solution
  • Industry-proven Arcserve UDP software, Advanced Edition
  • Local/remote virtual standby
  • Server processing
  • Data storage
  • Networking
  • World-class data protection hardware
  • Enterprise storage array snapshot integration
  • Instant VM recovery
  • Instant Bare Metal Restore (BMR)

In short, it does everything you need—save your laundry.

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Amp-up your data protection with enterprise-grade features.

Easily define and deliver against your data protection service level agreements with UDP Appliance features, including:

  • Unified management console with simple plan-based data protection policies
  • Host-based, agentless backup for vSphere and Hyper-V
  • True global deduplication, encryption, compression, and WAN-optimized replication
  • Local and remote virtual standby, bare metal recovery, and tape backup options
  • Support for public and private cloud, including the Arcserve Cloud
  • Unified reporting

This backup and recovery appliance gives you much more bang for your buck.

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Recover your physical and virtual data quickly—no matter where it is.

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Deliver on business continuity objectives and SLAs with 100% uptime.

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Data deduplication

Slash your data storage needs and cut costs with true global deduplication.

This backup and recovery appliance gets the job done.

Arcserve UDP takes you from “Do it” to “Done” in no time flat.

Watch our 3 minute overview video.

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Surprisingly simple set-up

As a long-term Arcserve customer, I’m really impressed with this new breed of appliance. I’m not the IT guy and I set up the Arcserve UDP Appliance myself. It’s easy to deploy and has lots of features including the deduplication which is very efficient.

— Gary Hirschfield, Director, Administration, Sunrise Capital

Circle up — It’s Arcserve UDP in action.

Virtual backup headaches?

See a virtual machine backed up, lickety-split.

Exchange heartburn?

Watch Exchange emails and mailboxes come back, fast.

Files and folders giving you a facial tic?

Follow along as we bring them back.

Active directory object gone AWOL?

Take a peek at how simple it is to restore.

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Where is the data protection industry headed?

Wrap your arms around the emerging trends—from disaster recovery and purpose-built appliances to unified technology and all-inclusive licensing.

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100% uptime for any business

With high availability, you can eliminate business disruption.

What should you be thinking about?

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High availability is your profitability safety net.

When critical business systems go down, employees twiddle their thumbs and customers head to the competition.

It’s a 24/7/365 economy. You need 100% uptime.

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Cloud backup that does more

Simplify cloud backup, data archiving, and disaster recovery with a single, unified solution.

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