Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud

Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud

Preserve your on-premises or cloud-based email records while cutting costs and freeing up time.

Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud—optimize email storage and increase performance


Email is the life blood of every organization and arguably, where much of an organization’s confidential information is stored. Because of this, many businesses migrate email from their email servers to on-premises archives, or to more budget-friendly cloud services like Office 365 and Google Gmail. Regardless of what option you choose, your mailbox storage may be limited, uptime is still a concern, and there is often surprises for archiving journal email.

Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud equips modern email archiving management by equipping you with the capabilities necessary to fully comply with legal and regulatory requirements, while eliminating the cost and hassle of traditional archiving solutions.

Optimize storage and increase performance by storing archived email in the secure Arcserve cloud – independent from your primary mail system. Eliminate time spent counting employees by protecting unlimited mailboxes and only paying for the storage you use. Make your life easier by using one email archiving cloud solution for full email management control – no on-premises hardware or storage required.

Comply with legal and regulatory requirements with SaaS-based email archiving

Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud makes it easy to comply with stringent legal and regulatory requirements, delivering robust capabilities on- and off-site, as well as across multiple tenants and languages.
Now You Can:
Automatically capture and retain emails as encrypted, unalterable corporate records right from the moment they are sent and received
Quickly and accurately search, retrieve, and export emails for legal discovery and compliance audits
Simplify lifecycle management by automatically removing email records when retention periods have expired
Easily implement legal holds and ensure sensitive emails aren’t destroyed for defensible disposition
Access specific capabilities made for compliance with the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
With our old archiving solutions, our technology team was spending too much time retrieving files. We needed a system that was more intuitive and easier to search…Our team was impressed with how easy it was to conduct a search and find what you were looking for.
Randy Dricken, technology supervisor for the Elkhorn Area School District.

How It Works


How Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud works

Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud does not require installation. As a SaaS-based solution available through Arcserve’s secure cloud, configuration is easy with quick transfer of existing and historic emails enabled by deep API-based integration with your on-premises Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online.

Apply corporate policies by choosing messages to retain or exclude (based on sender, receiver, or keyword), set retention schedules, and apply legal holds and disposition policies.

Secure access control is designated by function: Super-administrators and administrators manage the policy but have no access to view emails, auditors have access to view all emails, and employees only have access to view their emails via Outlook, web or mobile.

Administrator(s) and authorized users can run granular searches against all email data, export search data and apply legal hold requests. Data can be extracted from the archive and loaded back into the primary mail system to protect against data loss or deletion.

Customer Success Spotlight

Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud Case Study—Elkhorn Area School District

Elkhorn Area School District Improves its Email Archiving Process with Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud

Prior to using Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud, the Elkhorn Area School District used several different archiving solutions that made email retrieval a cumbersome task for the technology department. Read how the district dramatically cut costs by only paying for what they use while saving time with a streamlined search and retrieval process.

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The Arcserve Advantage

Created with the utmost in usability and design

Like all our solutions, Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud was developed to deliver a consumer-grade user experience. That is why you can manage all robust capabilities with a few quick clicks on a single management interface.

Backed by deeply knowledgeable product support

Our teams are among the most experienced in the data protection industry – expertise we pour into supporting our customers and partners.

Profitable for channel partners

Channel partners can profitably adopt and manage Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud to support customers with robust capabilities on- and off-site, as well as across multiple tenants and languages.

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