UDP Weekly Webcast Recording

Watch a recorded version of one of our regular webcast sessions that take place every Tuesday and Friday to see how Arcserve UDP combines industry-proven backup, replication, high availability and true global de-duplication technologies within one solution. Learn how you can get comprehensive Assured Recovery™ for your organisation across virtual and physical environments with a next generation unified architecture and unmatched ease of use.

You’ll find out:
-Who we are and our established credentials in backup and replication
-How Arcserve UDP is flexible and scalable to handle even the most complex IT infrastructures (Physical, virtual, cloud, tape, disk…you name it, we protect it)
-Continuous system, application and data availability for physical and virtual servers can be simple
-That Arcserve UDP helps you manage data growth by reducing your backup storage up to 95% with built-in true global data deduplication.


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