Ibra College of Technology safeguards learning for Oman students with Arcserve UDP and Arcserve High Availability

Ibra College of Technology is a government-funded higher education facility providing courses across business, IT and engineering for full-time Omani students.

To maximize efficiency and reduce the risk of data loss, the college needed to consolidate its backup and recovery solutions. The existing solutions were complex and causing escalating costs.

Arcserve UDP protects nine terabytes of critical staff and student data and core server data files, student and business critical data across the datacentre and disaster recovery site. The solution performs both real-time replication, disk-to-tape backups and Arcserve High Availability.

As well as being more cost-effective than the incumbent disaster recovery solution, Arcserve UDP facilitates faster and more reliable recovery, enabling the college to safeguard teaching and learning resources.

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