Henry Boot PLC ensures rapid disaster recovery with Arcserve

With its 130-year heritage, Henry Boot PLC, a Group of Companies, is one of the UK’s leading land promotion, property investment and development companies. The Group is split into six primary businesses, with a common focus on empowering and developing people to creating long-term value and sustainable growth for their stakeholders.

The company was using multiple, and ageing, solutions to protect data across its diverse IT environment, and any outage would impact its entire operations. With backups taking up to 20 hours to complete, Henry Boot decided to look for a single, more efficient solution.

The company deployed an Arcserve Appliance to each of its two head offices, protecting 145 terabytes of data, which is reduced to just 28 terabytes and replicated between sites. Incremental backups are taken throughout the day, with an overnight backup taking just two hours.

With Arcserve, Henry Boot can backup and restore data quickly and efficiently with minimal involvement from the IT team. It also now has a full disaster recovery solution to ensure business continuity for the long term.

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