Granta Design protects critical business and research data with Arcserve UDP

Granta Design Ltd is a leader in materials information technology, empowering universities and corporate clients to manage and use critical data relating to engineering materials, and thus to make better, greener and safer products.

With a large volume of important data to protect, Granta needed the assurance of a reliable backup solution that was not time-consuming to manage. It also needed a more flexible solution.

Arcserve UDP v6 safeguards 154 terabytes of data, deduplicated and compressed to just 13.5 terabytes. Data is replicated from an onsite server to a cloud-based storage platform for additional protection.

The new solution is reliable, cost-effective and intuitive to use. With backups and recovery times both significantly reduced, Granta’s users feel safe in the knowledge that any accidental data loss will have a minimal impact on productivity.

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