Duell Bike-Center frees up IT resources with Arcserve UDP Appliance

Headquartered in Finland, wholesaler Duell Bike-Center imports apparel, accessories and parts for motorcycles, snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles. The company has two warehouses in Finland and one in Sweden.

Resellers and customers need continuous access to the company’s online catalogue to make purchases. With multiple backup solutions protecting this and other critical business systems, backup and recovery management was complex and time-consuming.

With the Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) Appliance, Duell Bike-Center can protect five terabytes of data across 14 servers with minimal administration.

Duell Bike-Center can now manage backups and recover data with far less effort, which safeguards the availability of its online catalogue and other critical business systems while freeing up IT resources.

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