Arcserve Safeguards Wildlife Welfare for Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Taronga Conservation Society Australia (TCSA) aims to protect endangered species, increase understanding of wildlife and inspire community actions. Its two zoos are home to 4,000 animals, receiving 1.5 million visitors each year.

TCSA needed robust and reliable backup strategy and processes because they rely heavily on IT for day-to-day work such as animal husbandry,
managing research programs and visitor admissions. With spiraling volumes of data, its tape-based backup process was time-consuming and no longer fitted within an acceptable backup window for an organisation which operates 24/7 all year long.

Taronga Conservation Society Australia implemented Arcserve® Backup and Arcserve® D2D to seamlessly back up data to disk for rapid recovery and to tape for archiving purposes.

The backup window has been significantly reduced and data can now be recovered in hours rather than days. The organisation has freed up the IT staff and can safeguard critical research data.

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