Admirals Trading LLC safeguards business continuity and quality of service with Arcserve Appliance

Admirals Trading LLC (Admirals) has been distributing and importing fresh and frozen food in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East since 2000. It has more than 200 employees and a fleet of 30-plus transport vehicles.

To safeguard business continuity and meet delivery deadlines, Admirals needs its IT systems to be highly available and cost effective. To help maximise uptime, it needed a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution.

Arcserve Appliance protects 13 terabytes of data underpinning the company’s daily activities. Incremental backups are taken throughout the day, with data deduplicated and stored on site for easy recovery.

The feature-rich solution frees up the IT team to focus on other tasks, safe in the knowledge that data is protected and backups are easily accessible. Thanks to deduplication, the company can also make cost savings on storage.

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