Be a Record Keeping Rock Star

Protect your corporate email records with Arcserve Email Archiving Cloud, a fully managed service.


Going far beyond traditional email archiving solutions, Arcserve’s Email Records Management (ERM) delivers feature-rich capabilities that allow you to:

  • Save money with an easy and cost-saving licensing model by purchasing only the storage capacity you need.
  • Save time when you need to produce email records with fast and accurate eDiscovery search.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, including FOIA, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, FISMA and others
  • Strengthen legal readiness, quickly producing evidence, as every email is stored as an unalterable corporate record.
  • Drive corporate governance as every email is ready for review for HR issues, annual audits, compliance reviews and other needs.


Email archiving takes center stage – see how our Cloud offering saves time and money:


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It’s simple: pay for only what you need.

Our Cloud service model is unique to the industry - it’s simple, easy and extremely cost effective allowing customer to slash their email archiving budgets. We have eliminated the traditional pricing model of paying per employee mailbox and allow unlimited mailboxes for free. Instead, you simply choose how much storage capacity you need for your email archiving. Rock on.

Cloud Storage costs have been declining every year, and Arcserve is passing the savings along to our customers. Ask for a competitive quote today.


Cloud Email Archiving

Easily address compliance, regulatory and storage challenges – no matter where your email lives.

Case Study

Learn how BIR met its compliance needs with Arcserve UDP Archiving

Case Study

Learn how Elkhorn schools achieved a more efficient way to retrieve emails records.

Be a Record Keeping Rock Star

Powerful Email Records Management (ERM) by Arcserve

With regulatory, legal, privacy, and security challenges faced by organizations worldwide, maintaining emails as secure records has become a critical, must-have application. Don’t miss a beat - with Arcserve, you can become a Record Keeping Rock Star. Email Records Management by Arcserve is the collection and management of new and historical email records in a systematic process driven by your corporate policies.

  1. Collection

    Compatible with all mail servers including O365, GSuite, Exchange, Domino and more. Collects every message as its sent or received and easily import historical messages.

  2. Apply Polices

    Granular retention policies, exceptions, or legal holds based on employees, domains, content and more.

  3. Full-Text Index

    Full text index of every message and attached for fast, accurate searches.

  4. Encryption

    Every message is stored as a protected, encrypted file to meet privacy and data protection laws.

  5. Compression & Single Instance Storage

    Data is compressed and stored with single instance storage. If you send a message to 100 employees it would be stored once. Big store cost savings.

  6. Protected Access

    Strong controls to restrict access to users with authority. Designated Auditors can access company records while admins have no access and employees can only access their own.

  7. Disposition

    At the end of a messages retention period, unless there is a legal hold in place, messages are removed.

Choose our managed service or on-premise software

Maintaining emails as corporate records has become a new best practice for organizations worldwide. With the Arcserve model, email archiving is now more cost effective than ever before.

Email Archiving Cloud

  • Only pay for the storage you need – it’s that simple!
  • Protect unlimited mailboxes for free
  • No need to track employee mailboxes
  • Peace of mind of a secure managed service
  • Dedicated, secure login page with SSL
  • Encryption, Compression, SIS
  • Migrate historical messages for free
  • Big savings and more features than O365, Google Vault

Cloud Service

Simply choose the storage capacity you need, get a quote, and start a free trial today

100 GB
300 GB
500 GB
1 TB
3 TB
5 TB
10 TB
20 TB
30 TB


UDP Archiving Software

  • Ready for any Virtual Environment
  • VMware OVF, MS HyperV, Amazon AMI, Azure
  • True scalability of CPU, RAM and storage
  • Easily meet your compliance and legal obligations
  • Download and install
    in minutes
  • Purchase based on active mailboxes
  • Import historical messages for free
  • Big savings and more features than O365, Google Vault

Software (mailboxes)

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Michael Gruber,
Senior Systems Administrator, UNICEF Canada

We spent days trying to restore and locate emails for an investigation; days that amounted to wasted cost and resources. Arcserve UDP Archiving is not only extremely easy to use – truly plug-and-play – but it’s a solution I wish I would’ve had years ago.

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