Fully-managed email archiving to protect your corporate email records


Protect your organization from compliance violations and data privacy penalties with the only solution built from the ground up to protect your mission-critical email apps, on-premises or in the cloud.

Going far beyond traditional email archiving solutions, Arcserve’s Email Archiving Cloud blends an instinctive UI for remarkable ease of use with feature-rich capabilities that allow you to:

  • Slash your storage footprint with compression and single-instance storage
  • Fully comply with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Eliminate time spent counting current, former and future employees by protecting unlimited mailboxes
  • Save up to 12X the cost with per-TB licensing rather than paying per mailbox
  • Reduce the complexity of protecting archived email with a fully-managed cloud service

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Gain control and increase productivity:

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Migrate historical messages from your mail server or an archive
Set your policies, including retention, exceptions, legal holds and more
Allow employees access, if desired


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Fully-managed email archiving

Price Match Guarantee

Our service is up to 12x more affordable than most of our competition. To take it further, we will match any competitor’s quote for a managed email archiving service.* Contact us for a free, no hassle quote.

*minimum 50 employees and not exceeding 2GB per employee per year

How Much Storage Do I Need?

How Much Storage Do I Need?

It’s very simple to determine the capacity you require.

Look at the capacity used by your current email archive or in your mail server, and by how much did it grow in last 12 months.

Don’t forget your historical messages too, and don’t be afraid to miss the mark – you can always buy more storage to keep up with your company growth!

Give us a call, if you need help predicting necessary capacity.

What About Compliance and Legal Requirements?

UDP Archiving is a Powerful, Compliance Driven solution designed to organize emails as unalterable corporate records to meet regulatory compliance, legal discovery, corporate governance and IT challenges.
Key benefits include:
Effective email records management
Collection and management of new and historic email records in a systematic process driven by corporate policies
Legal readiness
Be 100% prepared for any legal eDiscovery request with advanced tools to manage multiple concerns simultaneously.
Corporate governance
Maintaining a safe work environment is important. Many HR complaints involve communications over emails.
Decreased email storage costs
Move older emails to your long-term archive, reducing costs and increasing performance.
Self-service employee access
Employees have access to any archived emails through Outlook or web access. Easily find lost or even deleted emails.
Regulatory compliance
(GDPR, HIPAA, FOIA, and more)

Meet your email retention compliance requirements and be confident and ready to respond quickly to requests.

What other Features are there?

What other Features are there?


  • Efficiently collects all new emails in real-time as they are sent or received with the ability to archive all historical messages from your mail server or prior archive system. Works with all mail server types except GroupWise.

Apply Policies

  • Automatically applies policies such as message retention, exceptions, or legal holds based on employees, domains, or content

Full text Index

  • Full text index of every message and attached for fast, accurate searches


  • Every message is stored as a protected, encrypted file to meet privacy and data protection laws.

Compression & Single Instance Storage

  • Data is compressed and stored with single instance storage which represents big storage cost savings.

Protected Access

  • Strong controls to restrict access to only users with authority to meet privacy and security requirements. Only designated Auditors can access company email records.


  • Search and export as message files, PDF or send emails records directly to a printer.

Active Directory and LDAP

  • Easily tie into Active Directory through LDAP to allow users access with their AD login information.


  • Optionally create multiple sub-archives to separate departments, divisions, by country or if an MSP use UDP Archiving to offer a service.


  • For active supervision, an Auditor can locate messages based on key words, and perform random sampling.

GDPR – Data Protection Officer (DPO)

  • For GDPR UDP Archiving has special features to comply with this new standard that effects all companies doing business in Europe. Features include the ability to locate records and administer a right to be forgotten.

Save Searches, Tags, and Notes

  • All the tools you need to manage many searches, cases and inquiries with ease. Saves your searches, tag and group messages, add notes and manage with a full legal process.

Office 365 Archiving Alternative

  • Compare UDP Archiving to O365 for a lower cost option with the level of features you need to meet compliance and legal requirements worldwide. Regulatory Compliant

Access Control

  • There are multiple levels of access to the Archive which include Admins which set policies, and manage infrastructure with no access to records, Auditors who can perform advanced searches and manage records and employees who only have access to their own emails.


  • At the end of a messages retention period, unless there is a legal hold in place, messages are systematically removed.

Search & Discovery

  • Quickly search through email record and produce the for legal, regulatory and corporate governance.
  • Search based on senders, receivers, text, phrases, tags, folders, notes, with basic or advanced features such as Boolean connectors, Fuzzy or proximity parameters.

Michael Gruber,
Senior Systems Administrator, UNICEF Canada

"We spent days trying to restore and locate emails for an investigation; days that amounted to wasted cost and resources. Arcserve UDP Archiving is not only extremely easy to use – truly plug-and-play – but it’s a solution I wish I would’ve had years ago."

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