Arcserve Cloud Direct Launch

Is getting back day-old data really a “recovery?”

Learn Arcserve to learn about the industry’s first near-zero recovery point designed for midsize and decentralized businesses. This landmark release addresses business objectives that mandate a shift from the speed of recovery to the relevancy of data being recovered, and delivers the complete package cost-effectively.

Here’s the catch: getting your systems and apps back online is only part of the solution. The real question you need to ask is, “how much business activity am I willing to lose?” If your last backup was 12 hours ago, you’re willing to accept the loss of more than a day of business activity.

We now live in an economy where we all expect convenience. While you may have been able to get away with days or even weeks of downtime a few years ago, the majority of businesses now have a downtime tolerance of less than one hour for critical systems with plans to cut their recovery SLAs in half over the next 12 months.

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Experimente a proteção completa para dados críticos de negócios com backup heterogêneo baseado em imagem, replicação, alta disponibilidade e desduplicação global. Não seja alvo, faça backup e recupere-se e gerencie todos os processos com uma console unificada.

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Baixe agora o teste grátis