Arcserve Appliance Lease Calculator

People just like you protect their data with Arcserve UDP Appliances. Find out just how affordable it can be to lease yours. Give our calculator a try.



Data footprint (in TB):
Annual Data Growth (in TB):


Protected Capacity*:

12 – 18 TB

Lease for as low as:

$370 USD / Month


Protected Capacity*:

24 – 36 TB

Lease for as low as:

$670 USD / Month


Protected Capacity*:

48 – 96 TB

Lease for as low as:

$1320 USD / Month


Protected Capacity*:

96 – 240 TB

Lease for as low as:

$2490 USD / Month


*Appliance sizes are estimated based on average data growth over five years.
Protected capacity is estimated based on average deduplication rates. Your specific needs and results may vary. This
program is currently available in the United States and Canada.


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