Crowder Consulting protects productivity and profitability with Arcserve

Crowder Consulting provides innovative software solutions and consultancy to help water companies manage their networks. Its team of 100 employees serving customers across the UK, Ireland and overseas.

Downtime would impact productivity while any loss of data could set developers back by weeks. With its existing tape backup solution ageing and slow, Crowder Consulting needed a fast and user-friendly replacement.

Arcserve Appliance protects 28 terabytes of data, which is deduplicated to just 1.3 terabytes and critical data is also replicated to the Arcserve Cloud. Ensuring continuity for the development environment, the solution also protects the company’s production environment of physical and virtual servers.

The Arcserve solutions are reliable and easy to manage, freeing up half a day a week for the IT team to focus on other activities. Crowder Consulting has also reduced the risk of any loss of productivity, safeguarding profitability and its reputation.

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