Team Lead – Support

Hyderabad Area, India | Full-time

Job title: Team Lead – Support
Job Family: Support
Region: North America
Role: Team Lead

Position Summary:

A mid-level position, responsible for providing front-end technical support to customers and proactively enabling customer self-service.

Key Results Areas:

Primarily responsible for issue/queue management and accountable to improve quality of service delivered to customers

  • 1. Queue management:
  • Monitor new issues in the North American queue and make sure the issues are picked as per severity and do not expire in the queue
  • Responsibility of maintaining SLA targets
  • Monitoring of continues engagement on tickets moved to engineering
  • 2. Reviewing chat transcripts:
  • Review chat transcripts and provide necessary feedback to chat engineers in effort to reduce chat issues moving to phone support and improve quality of service on chat issues.
  • 3. Issue reviews – responsible for doing below issue reviews and rate the engineers and provide feedback:
  • Day 1 issue reviews
  • Day 5 issue reviews and move the issues to chasers/backline appropriately
  • Aged issue reviews
  • Help improvise issue documentation
  • 4. Issue handling time:
  • Monitor and work towards improving and reducing engineer issue handling time.
  • 5. Survey Follow-up:
  • Reach out to dissatisfied customers and take necessary measures to avoid future Dsat’s
  • 6. Identify need of trainings and make necessary recommendations to North America team managers.
  • 7. Provide weekly/fortnightly review reports to North America team managers.

Typical Role Definition:

Professional Staff. An intermediate level professional role. Some evaluation, originality or ingenuity required to perform tasks. Knows and applies the fundamental concepts, practices, and procedures of a particular field.

Job-Specific Authority and Scope:

  • Generally, works with consulting their manager.
  • Independent decisions are made daily.
  • Examples of typical decisions:
  • Work with the customer and Arcserve resources to meet customer objectives.
  • Determine priorities of customer issues.
  • Recommend solutions to customers.
  • Typically has no direct reports
  • North America region coverage
  • Typically has a global geographic focus.

Education/Certification Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree or global equivalent in Computer Science or related discipline. Master’s degree or global equivalent a plus.

Role Specific Competencies:

Work Experience:

Typically, 6 or more years of related professional experience.

The candidate must be proficient with the Arcserve product or solution that they will be supporting. In the case of a new hire or product reassignment, the lead will be expected to make use of their previous experience (Arcserve products or external experience) to establish Team Lead level proficiency.

Skills & Competencies:

  • Proficient customer service skills.
  • Excellent communication skills; written, verbal and social media.
  • Accountable to improve the quality of service.
  • Ability to perform troubleshooting and apply analytical skills in complex environments.
  • Possess good teamwork skills.
  • An ability to handle and resolve high pressure situations.

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