Maintenance Program

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The CA Maintenance Program delivers support whenever you need it, without costly per-incident charges. Purchasing maintenance now provides no-charge technical support and future product upgrades — at a competitive price that saves you money now and in the future.

If you are not sure if your maintenance is due, call 1-800-225-5224 and press 2, then 4 for North American inquiries. For all other countries, link to our WW contact page.

To Upgrade NOW, please contact your reseller or CA representative.
Newly Released: CA ARCserve Backup r16.5, CA ARCserve D2D r16.5, CA ARCserve Replication r16.5 and CA ARCserve High Availability r16.5 

If you’re a current owner of the CA ARCserve Product Family r16 on active maintenance, you’re eligible to upgrade to the latest version, r16.5 for FREE! Receive all the newest features and help increase your organization’s productivity and efficiency at no additional cost.

Fill out the customer care form and select upgrade from the request type drop down or call us at +1 800 225-5224 to upgrade and maximize your CA technology investment.

To Renew NOW, please contact your reseller or CA representative.

Five Reasons to Renew your CA Product Maintenance

CA maintenance provides you access to support services and latest enhancements needed to keep your business running smoothly, providing the highest level of return possible on your CA technology investment. Receive free product upgrades, which include the latest enhancements and technology updates, to help you stay competitive and improve business efficiencies.

Increase productivity, save time and resolve issues quickly with CA Support, which makes it easy to find the information you need to effectively utilize your CA solutions. Access technical and customer service expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our CA Support Online self-service portal or during regular business hours by phone. With CA Support you have easy access to trusted advice that is always available.


Global Support
Direct access to CA expertise for your mission-critical issues, provides fast, accurate resolutions so you can stay on time and on budget.

Live Chat
Available to Enterprise Maintenance customers, our newest support offering to provide you with leading edge access to our support professionals. Live chat uses text-based IM communication directly to our engineers via any web enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. No need to open an issue or call support with this new technology.


CA Support Online
Web support portal that offers real-time access to your CA support representatives and up-to-date product information, streamlining processes and bringing forth quick issue resolution.

No need to call in. Log in and use this simple form to easily open an issue and access support directly online. Log in to also to check a status or communicate updates.


Ongoing Product Enhancements
While you focus on your core business, we focus on developing new and efficient ways to reduce the cost of your IT administration and maximize productivity with innovative software enhancements.


Major Product Releases
This portfolio gives businesses all the tools needed to take control of their changing business by delivering total protection, recovery and availability for systems, applications and data. Included with CA ARCserve r16.5, is robust support for leveraging and supporting virtualized environments, private and public cloud, on and off premise storage, centralized management, and  much more. CA ARCserve r16.5 truly provides an end-to-end solution that meets the needs of bare metal recovery and file restoration to replication and high availability.


Updates, Fixes and Security Alerts
As part of your maintenance; you are entitled to receive software updates to help ensure that your critical information and systems are protected and available.

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