Organizations lose more than
127 million person hours a year
during IT downtime...

IT outages are frequent and lengthy. System downtime interrupts business-critical applications and effects the revenue generation of the organization.

CA ARCserve’s research: ‘The Avoidable Cost of Downtime’ provides insights into the impact of downtime on

  • Financial Performance

    North American businesses are losing $159,331 per year through IT downtime and data recovery.*

  • Productivity Levels

    The average North American organization loses 425 person hours per year through IT downtime.*

  • Hidden Costs: Brand Image, Compliance failure, Customer Loyalty

    48% of the companies surveyed believe downtime negatively impacts their brand and reputation.*

How do IT outages affect your business? Get more insights from
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The Avoidable Cost of Downtime

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*Excerpts from the independent research commissioned by CA Technologies and designed and conducted by Coleman Parkes Research Ltd. The reports explores how organizations are affected by IT downtime and recovery.