The CA ARCserve® Solution Family:

Complete Hybrid Cloud-enabled Data Protection

The CA ARCserve Family is a whole new class of hybrid cloud-enabled data protection solutions that provides a full range of capabilities to meet both your on and off premise data protection requirements.

The ever increasing amount of business critical data that needs to be protected and the growing complexity of mixed physical and virtual environments have created enormous new challenges. The CA ARCserve Family enables you to take control of all your system and data protection needs with a single solution while helping you meet your recovery time and point SLAs. In addition The CA ARCserve Family is fully scalable and enables you to leverage the benefits of the cloud while eliminating risk and helping contain costs.

Designed specifically to support your evolving modern IT infrastructure the CA ARCserve Family:

  • Offers a full range of capabilities from bare-metal restore to fully automated failover for high availability for on-premise, off-premise and cloud requirements.
  • Delivers true hybrid protection – using local resources for the fastest backup and recovery and the cloud for disaster recovery and remote failover for high availability.
  • Provides a single solution for the protection, recovery and availability of both virtual and physical servers with specialized capabilities that use the power of virtualization to help you meet recovery time SLAs.
  • Helps you address disaster recovery needs through more efficient management, reduced storage requirements and proactive problem avoidance – resulting in reduced risk to business.

The CA ARCserve Family of Products includes:

  • CA ARCserve Backup goes beyond backup, giving you highly reliable data protection with centralized management, data deduplication, and cloud storage in a complete package. Powerful, yet easy-to-use, it allows you to protect both physical and virtual servers with high-performance backup, data deduplication, cloud storage, infrastructure visualization, granular restore, and archiving.
  • CA ARCserve D2D is a disk-based backup solution that simplifies protecting and recovering your business data. An innovative Web 2.0 interface helps you proactively meet your recovery SLAs. It is the only product that has Bare Metal Restore to dissimilar hardware, patent-pending block-level infinite incremental snapshots, granular recovery, and integrated access to cloud, in one package.
  • CA ARCserve Replication, provides Windows, Linux and UNIX continuous data protection and easy-to-use data migration that goes beyond backup to help meet demanding SLAs and BC/DR strategies for critical files and databases. It includes on-premise, off-premise and Cloud replication, data rewind for CDP and automated recovery testing for physical and virtual servers.
  • CA ARCserve High Availability, minimizes system downtime and data loss to help you meet demanding service level agreements and business continuity and disaster recovery strategies. Used on Windows, Linux and UNIX servers, you get continuous system, application and data availability for physical and virtual servers to minimize risk of lost sales, service, and employee productivity.
  • CA ARCserve Central Applications are a series of applications that are meant to extend the management, reporting, and general functionality of the entire CA ARCserve product family.
  • CA Instant Recovery On Demand is a hosted, turn key, business continuity SaaS “Software as a Service” offering based upon the CA ARCserve High Availability product offering which is available today.