Arcserve® Backup with Data Deduplication

Your challenge
Companies of all sizes today are facing the challenge of managing and protecting data that is growing at exponential rates. The explosion of email, power point and internet downloads means that there is more data to backup. They need to backup more data in the same backup window time and without deduplication technology this would mean companies would have to buy more storage to keep multiple copies of data backups available for rapid recovery. If you are a medium to large company, rapid recovery is crucial to meeting compliance requirements.
Estimate your savings below.

Arcserve Backup Data Deduplication Feature
Arcserve Backup now includes a next generation patent-pending data deduplication technology built using highly efficient deduplication algorithms that help eliminate redundant data resulting in extended for additional storage. Arcserve Backup Data Deduplication uses an in-line process occurring at the backup target that compares backups with previously stored data at the block-level resulting in considerable data reduction (up to 95% or more) it is highly efficient thus reducing the impact on the CPU during the backup process and does not affect the production servers being backed up.

Benefits include:
  • Reduced physical storage required providing efficient usage of disks for backups
  • Easy to manage, configure, and integrate into existing backup environments
  • Provides data deduplication efficiency reports: Deduplication Promotion Report and Deduplication Status Report, which display the estimated savings of backup space, and the number of nodes backed up using a deduplication device
  • Optimization feature, for better throughputs and decreased CPU usage
  • Global deduplication feature identifies redundancy between the backup jobs performed on the root directories of two different computers
  • Rapid ROI to help save money immediately

Your business benefits
Arcserve Backup now provides a next generation deduplication capability that has been designed to efficiently eliminate redundant data from your backup data sets – and it is provided at no additional cost to you. The significant reductions in backup space requirements enable you to fit more backups on the same physical disk and retain data for longer time periods or extend the use of your existing storage investment.