Licensing Options

In order to meet our customers varying needs, Arcserve® Unified Data Protection can be purchased in multiple ways based on your environment, budget and planned growth. The list below provides a quick summary of the options available to you.

Arcserve® UDP

There are 5 editions of Arcserve UDP. They are licensed per CPU Socket (for both Physical Machines & VMs), or alternately per terabyte of protected data. To see what is included in each edition please see the editions comparison.

For general information on licensing please see our licensing FAQ.

Get FAQ details on our per server licensing.

How to determine the servers to be licensed with Arcserve UDP?
Only protected source servers are licensed. For virtualization hosts, the socket count in the physical hypervisor host is counted. For physical machines, only the protected source servers are licensed based on the number of CPU sockets in each protected machine.

Do the Backup Proxy, RPS, or backup target server need a license?
No. The backup target, RPS or backup proxy machines involved are not licensed separately even if they have product components installed on them, as long as they are only facilitating the backup of other nodes. If however the backup server itself is required to be backed up as well, then it requires a license, just like any other protected source server.

How to request upgrades or contact Arcserve for additional information?
To request an upgrade or for other licensing questions, please call our hotline # Tel: +1 866 576-9742

Component Based Licensing

Stand-alone component based pricing options are available for Arcserve Backup & Arcserve Replication and High Availability, in addition to these components being available as Arcserve UDP Editions.

® Backup provides file-based backup to disk and tape. It is licensed per individual server or virtual machine. Component licensing allows you to select the specific Arcserve Backup editions, components, agents and options needed to provide the best level of data protection and recovery for each of your servers and virtual machines (VM), depending on the operating system and application being used. As your configuration changes or your needs grow you should consider additional capabilities to maintain adequate protection.

Arcserve® Replication
provides a quick and easy way to copy backups offsite for disaster recovery and can complement backup with continuous data protection. Licensed individually for each master and replica server, component licensing is available per server and virtual machine (VM) based on the operating system (Windows, Linux and UNIX)

® High Availability provides near-continuous availability for protected servers and data. Licensed individually for each master and replica server, component licenses are available per server and virtual machine (VM) based on the operating system (Windows, Linux or UNIX)

All the components above can be purchased as part of an Arcserve UDP Edition.


Module Based Licensing

Arcserve Backup module-based licensing eliminates the need to know exactly what editions, agents or options go on each specific server. For each server and VM being protected, simply license it based on the server’s core role: File Server, Database Server, Email Server, or Application Server.

Compare the components included in each of the Arcserve Backup modules.

Maintenance & Support

Arcserve licensed products are traditionally made available with either 1 year or 3 years of maintenance and technical support. Availability and terms will vary by region.

Enterprise” maintenance provides 24x7 support for severity one issues and business hours support for other severity issues along with Chat and Support Online access. Enterprise maintenance can be purchased with product license for terms of 1 year or 3 years in all regions.

Value” maintenance provides business hours support ONLY for all severity issues along with Chat. Value maintenance can be purchased with product license for terms of 1 year and 3 years and is available only in the EMEA and is not offered for all products.

Please refer to the Maintenance Program for more details.


For customers who require a “set and forget” backup and recovery solution, Arcserve® Unified Data Protection (UDP) 7000 is the first complete and the most cost-effective data protection appliance, featuring Assured Recovery™. Architected with cloud-native capabilities, its unmatched ease of deployment and usability combine with a broad set of features such as global sourcebased deduplication, multi-site replication, tape support, and automated data recovery capabilities.

To learn more, click here to download the PDF overview.