CA ARCserve® High Availability:

Always On

Your Challenge
When your critical servers or applications crash, or you lose critical data, your business comes to a halt. Unplanned system downtime and data loss or damage affect all parts of your business—from sales, service and operations to employee productivity and reputation. Companies lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime each year. Do you know the financial impact to your business?

Don’t compromise! You know that a single interruption or loss could mean irreparable damage to your business. We have a solution that helps minimize this risk. You gain advanced business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities that improves your agility, flexibility, security and control.

Keep Your Business or Organization Going
CA ARCserve High Availability software, helps keep your business running with less downtime from unplanned outages and makes continuous data protection easier than ever. It provides high availability for your most critical applications and data, including Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and Internet Information Services (IIS), and Oracle and BlackBerry servers, as well as your other business-specific applications. CA ARCserve High Availability protects Windows, Linux and UNIX servers, applications and data in both physical and virtualized server environments in your data center and remote offices, and can be deployed on-site, off-site and in the cloud. It complements whatever backup solution you use today to provide a more comprehensive strategy for system availability and data protection.

Now integrated with Nimsoft Monitoring!

Benefits to your business:

  • Minimize system downtime and data loss, which affect your top and bottom lines and employee productivity.
  • Automate system and data protection and recovery to maximize IT productivity and resources.
  • Address demanding service-level agreements and business expectations.
  • Take your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies to the next level.

Supported Platforms

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Try CA ARCserve High Availability now and use our ROI Calculator to help you justify the cost of this solution in your own environment.