CA ARCserve® D2D:

Recover Faster

Your Challenge
Your business needs comprehensive data protection that helps you quickly recover from system disruptions and data loss before downtime negatively affects business operations or customer relations. We can help you recover, quickly and simply.

Physical and Virtual Protection in a Single Solution
CA ARCserve D2D provides fast image-based backup to disk that simplifies protecting and recovering your business data on both physical and virtual Windows and Linux servers. You can speed backup and recovery while reducing storage requirements and costs.

CA ARCserve® D2D for Windows:

  • Use less storage space, perform backups faster, put less of a load on your Production servers with Block-level Infinite Incremental (I2 Technology™) and perform backup as often as every 15 minutes for greater levels of protection.
  • Faster and simpler protection for VMware environments with host-based, agent-less backup that protects all VMs on the hypervisor without having to install CA ARCserve D2D in each VM.
  • More quickly recover physical and virtual systems with virtual standby that automatically converts CA ARCserve D2D recovery points to VMware and Hyper-V virtual disk formats. Just stand-up the standby VM and redirect users for fast system, application and data recovery.
  • Hardware-independent Bare Metal Restore (BMR) speeds system recovery over more traditional methods.
  • Speed recovery with single-snapshot backup that offers five restore types: files/folders, volumes, applications, Microsoft Exchange emails and bare-metal restore.

    Learn more about CA ARCserve D2D for Windows features.

    Supported Platforms

NEW! CA ARCserve® D2D for Linux :

  • Helps speed backup and reduce storage with block-level incremental backups.
  • Near-agentless architecture eliminates the arduous task of having to manually install agents on ‘each and every’ server being protected.
  • Hardware-independent Bare Metal Restore (BMR) speeds system recovery over more traditional methods.
  • Built-in compression helps reduce storage requirements while encryption helps protect your backups.
  • Speed data recovery with file-level granular restore from any recovery point.

    Learn more about CA ARCserve D2D for Linux features.

    Supported Platforms

Benefits to your business:

  • Save training time and simplify operations with a single solution designed to protect both virtual and physical servers with a single user interface.
  • Slash system recovery time to help reduce business downtime.
  • Improve IT productivity with central management and reporting*.

*Note: CA ARCserve D2D for Windows and CA ARCserve D2D for Linux each offer their own central management and reporting.

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