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Server migration is used for a variety of reasons: Security issues, equipment replacement or other objectives. When data is migrated between servers running the same server management system, the process is usually straightforward and no adjustments are needed. However, in cases where data is being migrated between different types of servers, the process gets more complicated.

Migrating from old servers to new servers is a time-consuming process. With the broad adoption of server virtualization, you now have to juggle physical-to-virtual server migration initiatives, too, on top of deciding which virtualization platform to use. Since server migration typically takes place at night or on weekends, the challenge is doing it faster and easier at both your data centers and remote offices while keeping everything centrally managed and tested.



With Arcserve’s server migration solutions, you get a wide range of technologies to achieve flawless server migration. From bare-metal restore to full system physical-to-virtual and virtual-to-virtual  migration—you get to choose the best solution for your environment. These include:

  • Any-to-any server migration. Go from one hardware platform to another or from physical servers to virtual servers.
  • Data migration that moves data between any devices (direct attached storage, network attached storage and storage area network).
  • A non-disruptive process performed during normal working hours.
  • A way to test your migration and reverse the process in case you encounter issues.
Ultimately, it’s all about speeding the process, avoiding disruption to the work environment and maximizing your IT resources and productivity

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