Data Reduction

Managing an Avalanche of Data


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Comprehensive data protection that helps you quickly recover from system disruptions and data loss.


If you’re like most businesses, you run the risk of being buried in an avalanche of data. That’s why managing data growth is an increasingly important strategy. To meet this need, Arcserve’s data reduction solutions can help you breathe easier. We’ll help you increase your backup storage capacity while reducing costs. Data reduction can be achieved using several different types of data storage solutions. The best-known is data deduplication which eliminates redundant data on your storage systems. While some vendors will sell you stand-alone data deduplication software, Arcserve gives you comprehensive data reduction solutions that change as your data storage needs change. 


Reduce Your Data Storage Needs with the Global Deduplication Calculator.


Our data reduction solutions can:

  • Significantly reduce your backup storage requirements.
  • Minimize the time that your IT team needs to spend managing backup storage.
  • Lower the costs of your IT infrastructure and resource usage.
  • Simplify your environment while meeting your protection and recovery objectives.

Arcserve’s data storage solutions help you manage data growth by reducing your backup storage up to 95% with built-in data deduplication. Your lower storage space requirements will save you money on disk expenditures. The more efficient use of disk space also allows for longer disk retention periods, which gives you better recovery time objectives and reduces the need for tape backups. We’ll also help you to reduce the data that must be sent across a WAN for remote backups, replication and disaster recovery.


Thinking about Backup?

Your business needs comprehensive data protection that helps you quickly recover from system disruptions and data loss before downtime negatively affects business operations or customer relations. We can help you recover, quickly and simply.