Virtual Server Data Protection

Host-based, agentless, you name it - we have it!

Comprehensive data protection that helps you quickly recover from system disruptions and data loss.


Arcserve UDP removes the complexity from protection and recovery of your business systems and data. For convenience and flexibility, Arcserve UDP gives you access to virtual and physical Windows and Linux environments in one all-encompassing solution.

It is the only disk-based backup solution that offers Bare Metal Restore to dissimilar hardware, Block-Level Infinite Incremental Technology snapshots, data deduplication granular recovery and integrated access to the cloud, data protection plans and Assured Recovery, all designed into one, simple, flexible package.


Host-based backups

We allow you to protect your whole host server, and all virtual machines (VMs) running on that host, as well as providing granular restores of individual VMs, or of applications or files on those VMs.



Agentless host-based backup of VMware virtual servers simplifies protection of all virtual machines on a physical host while local and remote virtual standby provides rapid recovery of any server as a VM for near-instantaneous recovery. UDP leverages the Host-Based/Agentless Backup Proxy element of its architecture. It is based upon technology that enables a single-pass backup of all Windows and Non-Windows VMs, without the need to install software agents on each VM. For Microsoft Hyper-V environments, UDP introduces a new changed block tracking mechanism that tracks changes to the VM’s virtual disks.


Guest-level backups

We protect individual VMs, and provide granular restore of VM data, and depending on the application, deliver application-specific protection.

Application-level backups

We protect individual applications running on the VM, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Internet Information Services (IIS).


Built-in UDP, replication allows you to access periodic backups and snapshots by capturing every change made to data, files and databases, and eliminate the storage device as a single point of failure.


High Availability

Get the best system and application recovery times by monitoring systems and applications and automatically failing over to another server or virtual machine to prevent an unplanned outage.


Thinking about Virtual Server Data Protection?

Your business needs comprehensive data protection that helps you quickly recover from system disruptions and data loss before downtime negatively affects business operations or customer relations. We can help you recover, quickly and simply.