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May 08th : Arcserve Backup: More than just Backup!

Fast backup with granular recovery to simplify data protection of physical/virtual servers and workstations

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May 15th : Arcserve High Availability: Keep Your Data Always Available

Automates failover and failbacks, tests BC/DR plan, migrates systems…achieves RTO & RPO without the price tag!

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May 22nd : Arcserve UDP Standard & Advanced: Simple but Powerful

Addresses your data requirements through image-based protection for file and application servers on physical & virtual platforms

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May 29th : Arcserve UDP Premium & Premium Plus: Ultimate Protection for Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments

Combines image backup, tape, replication, high availability and true global deduplication under a simple, web-based console

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Webinar on demand: High Availability is not a Luxury

Modern high-availability (HA) technology continuously streams application and data changes to a remote location. When disaster strikes, failover to an up-to-date copy of your system is automatic and instant. It’s obvious that HA is the dream solution if you look to insure your systems against download and data loss. However the technology has been viewed as too complex and expensive for SMBs until recently. Watch the recorded webinar and learn why HA solutions can be for the messes and how to implement successful HA. View on Demand

Webinar on Demand: Be Prepared and Protected before
Windows Server 2003 EOL

Did you know Microsoft will officially end its support to Windows Server 2003 by July 14th, 2015?

It’s estimated that nearly a million servers worldwide are still running live applications on Windows Server 2003. It’s time to refresh your data protection strategy before it’s too late!

Watch this recorded webinar to learn what to avoid in the migration process, our suggestions for Windows Server 2003 EOL and why a unified approach is recommended for your data protection strategy. View on Demand

Webinar on Demand:Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Cloud is no longer a buzz word, but Disaster Recovery (DR) to the Cloud is still a question to many organizations, despite its obvious benefits for data protection and business continuity. On this recorded webinar, we have invited the industry expert, presales consultant and our partner to share their perspectives and experience about DR to the Cloud.

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