The CA ARCserve® Replication Product Features

CA ARCserve Replication r16 provides unique functionality and eases management through the following new features:

Learn what’s new in CA ARCserve Replication r16

Windows Server 2008 Failover Cluster Support — Enhances the cluster support in two ways. First, it eliminates shared storage as a single point of failure. Second, it provides the replication (data mover) capability for off-site disaster recovery. It is integrated with Microsoft Cluster Server Manager.

Amazon Cloud (Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Integration — Enables the use of Amazon facilities, resources and staff for your off-site DR environment for replication and failover. Converts capital expenditure to operational expenditure and makes IT more productive and agile.

Secure Communications — Provides 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption over the network without a virtual private network (VPN) or IPSec tunnel.

Multiple Replication Types — Offers continuous, scheduled and ad-hoc replication to help balance network resources and the required level of protection.

Offline Synchronization — Provides an alternative to local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) synchronization to more easily transfer large Windows-based data sets and databases to shorten time-to-protection without impacting network resources. Enables physical transportation of a data copy while replication is underway.

Multi-Stream Replication — Enables the use of multiple data streams to increase network replication throughput over high-latency LANs and WANs.

NTFS Sparse File Report — Enables replication of Windows-based compressed or deduplicated data without decompression. This is typically used to replicate deduplicated backup data over the WAN from remote offices to a central data center, or to replicate deduplicated backup data between data centers for off-site protection.

Linux/UNIX Hard-Links Support — Recognizes hard links to avoid redundant file replication, speeding replication and minimizing network bandwidth needs and costs.

Custom Application Protection — Provides a wizard-based tool to create replication and high-availability scenarios for third-party and custom applications without having to write scripts in many cases.

Application-Aware LAN and WAN Optimized Replication — After the initial synchronization, only block-level changes to files and data are replicated. Application-aware means that no custom scripting is required for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Internet Information Services (IIS) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as for Oracle and BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Works on Windows, Linux and UNIX systems running on physical and virtual servers.

Automated Recovery Testing — Ensures that the failover system is ready, with no disruption to your production environment. Offers optional VSS Snapshot for application-consistent backups off the Replica server.

Data Rewind for Continuous Data Protection (CDP) — Enables quick and easy data rewind to known, good points in time, after data loss or damage.

Unified, Centralized Management Console — Makes CA ARCserve Replication easy to deploy and manage.

No-Reboot Deployment and Maintenance — Eliminates disruption to the production environment.

Assessment Mode — Helps estimate LAN and WAN bandwidth needs without disrupting the production environment to minimize network costs.

Windows System State Protection — Replicates system state to speed server recovery.

Windows Registry Synchronization — Replicates designated registries to speed server and application recovery.

Physical and Virtual Server Support — Replicates Protects virtualized server environments (VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer) and enables the use of virtualization to help reduce DR costs. Is also the perfect tool for physical-to-virtual server migration.

64-Bit Platform Support — Enables x86 to x64 replication and data migration.

Integration with CA ARCserve® Backup — Enables VSS Snapshot backup with a single job.

Technical Support and Upgrades — Included with your CA solution purchase is 24x7 online support, free product upgrades and access to technical documents, as well as telephone support and more, depending on your specific terms and conditions.